SV De Ware Jakob – Renee+Jaap van den Broek NED


Hi Peter, after so many years we are currently in Malaysia and hardly ever touched the steering wheel during many thousand miles. Here some nice short stories about our experience with windpilot.

1. One of the first test sails with DE WARE JACOB was on the IJSSELMEER in Nederland. Not the logic place to test a windvane. But of course we were curious and sailing to Amsterdam we set the windvane and see what happened we sailed without any correction in the small channel al the way to the Buiten IJ! Fabulous!

2. But the  most important thing sailing with the windpilot are these moments: Having set your course, adjust your windpilot and stop the electrical autopilot. The silence coming over the ship are really moments of happiness. And knowing you can trust the windpilot and sit back and only wind and waves. That is the real ocean sailing. 

See you soon again once we will be in the Netherlands

Jaap en Renée van den Broek from Malayia

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Eine Antwort zu SV De Ware Jakob – Renee+Jaap van den Broek NED

  1. Eli sagt:

    Hi Peter!

    How Nice!

    We went to Fiji in 2016 and can confirm that the Windpilot steering ‚De Ware Jacob‘ is in very good fashion!!!
    It is such a profound thought that my parents are looked after your transom ‚Ornament‘.
    Especcially in heavy conditions!



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