SV Florestan – Jèrome Giersé BE


Hi Peter, we have been sailing 40.000 miles with our windpilot pacific and all went well.We are close to the last leg of our circumnavigation, from the caribbean to Europe. I noticed that the aquatic part is getting loose. Not on the bolt but a bit lower where there is a kind of rivet. What can I do to fix this?
Many thanks, and kind regards,

Nun, ein Ersatzruder zu den Azoren zu senden, ist schon ein teures Unterfangen, jedenfalls wenn nur noch wenig Bares in der Bordkasse ist, das gerade noch ausreichend ist, Lebensmittel für die letzten Meilen nach Hause zu kaufen.

Dear Peter,
No need to be mad at me. Nor to blame me to be one of the sailors circumnavigating with your product. And I know the price of UPS, and I know the Windpilot is to be found on numerous and prestigious boats. No problem. The only information I sent you is that our windpilot broke down in a strong gale between Azores and Spain, and we are among these very few sailors on earth who cannot afford to fix it. Because, yes, as if was maybe more often the case 30 years ago, boat owners are not only wealthy people. I hoped I could get to the La Rochelle nautical salon with the Windpilot fixed, that’s all. In the meantime, I need these 380 euros to feed my family. I hope you’re not disturbed by this last (unusual) comment, but it is the cruel and bare truth.

Wir haben das Problem am Ende unkonventionell gelöst … in Form einer Holzlatte, deren Vor- und Achterkante ein wenig angehobelt wurde … damit wurde dann sicher gestellt, dass keiner der Crew von Hand zu steuern hatte … bis das Schiff im Heimathafen angekommen ist.

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