SV La Dolce Vita – Kjell Carlsson SWE

Hi Peter, thank you  for the nice wind pilot I bought from you. We sailed from Sweden September 2019 back April 2020,the trip went to the Caribbean where we were about 4 months. In Gran Canaria I found tamp that was dumb so did not have to tighten up so often, think it was Liros rope. Rinse with water and lubricate with paraffin oil, went soft and nice all the time. The autopilot broke 4 times and stopped repairing it. Without the wind pilot we would not have been able to do this sailing, that steered perfectly in all weathers. 
A big thank you to you for doing such good wind pilots.
May I wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.
Best regards 
Kjell Carlsson

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