SV Nausikaa – Kayo Ozaki Au

Hi Peter, I’m the second owner of “Nausikaa” Vancouver 34C. Gerhard sailed solo from Hamburg to Australia via Panama, and left the boat with the broker to sell in Pittwater, north of Sydney in 2014.

In 2016, I sold my house and bought Nausikaa, and started solo cruising east coast of Australia, far North Queensland to Tasmania. 
In 2019, I solo sailed from Coffs Harbour, Australia to Japan via Guam. It took me 4weeks to Guam and 2weeks to Amami Oshima. I spent 11 months cruising in Japan. 
I was born in Japan and come to Australia when I was 25 yo, and been here for 32years. I’ve been back to Japan many times, but this time sailed to Japan was very different experience and had a great time. 

I left Chichi Jima, Japan in May 2020 and sailed non stop to Townsville, Australia, took me 33days. Windpilot rod (151) was broken during this trip. 

I did some more cruising in Queensland coast after I come back to Australia, but COVID restrictions didn’t allow me to sail where I wanted to go.

I have a daughter in Brisbane, so I sailed here on Christmas 2020, and been here since. I’m living on my boat in Brisbane river and got a casual job and working in the city. I’m planning to sail more extensively next year….

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