SV Stormvogel – Bob Ruppert NED


Hello Peter, sailing all these years alone in my small yacht „Stormvogel“ ( 8m.)  along the coast of French en Britain gives me so much pleasure and energy.  Nowadays there are friends to accompany me. Since 5 years your Windpilot Pacific Light is on the  transom and it makes me feel safe, comfortable and gives me all the time for rest, cooking and navigation.

„Stormvogel“ is one of the first in serie produced  GRP yachts in the Netherlands. It ’s an Seafarer Polaris 26 Class designed in 1959 by Bill Tripp. Production started at Gusto in Schiedam in 1960 in particular for the American market. After 2 years, Sailmaster Inc. took over production, still in Schiedam and from that time this yacht is called a Sailmaster 26. „Stormvogel“ was built in 1962 for Great Britain and so she is sailing for almost 58 years. 
Peter, all the best and see you soon in Hamburg.
Bob Ruppert SV Stormvogel

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