SV Tamara – Mikael Hammar SE


Hello Peter!

Finally! The Windvane has a newly built frame, mounted on our boat and looking good! Getting a welder was the hardest part. This time of season is very busy for contractors on boat yards in Trinidad. The hurricane season is over and every one wants to get their boats ready to go sailing. But with help from the manager, Brent on Power Boats we got hooked up with one of the best welders, Fitzroy Russel. 

Remember I wrote and told you abuot their strikt policy on dress code in Trinidad. Here is me in my “offending” outfit that discqualified me to get in to Customs and retreive my windvane, so I had to pay a customs clerc 200 TT$ to do it.

Many thanks for the perfect support and effective delivery.

Take care and best regards from Trinidad

Mikael Hammar

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