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Hello Peter, we have done 21,000 miles since we launched Lusi ( coldmoulded DIY Gartside design ) in April 2015. We hit something in the water, causing the rudder to flip up and the boat went hard to wind.
So we hand steered to Luderitz, Namibia – 310 miles away – we love our pilot even more now! I think we had a combination of rudder up, from flotsam and a large wave slewing us round.

Lusi was designed for me by Paul Gartside and Englishman, designer and boatbuilder of Nova Scotia (now Long Island) – see Gartside Boats. She is a very good boat – best of the 5 keel boats I have owned. Our best run was 2030 nm in 11 days – an average of just under 185 miles. It was from Cocos Keeling to Rodrigues and the wind was about 25 – 30 knots on the port quarter. The pilot steered flawlessly the whole time. I am totally confident in its ability to steer in large quartering seas which are the most difficult.
Attached a couple more pics for you.
with best regards from Namibia

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