Windpilot – back to our Roots

The history of Windpilot since the company changed hands in 1976 is quite well-known, largely because of the unusual nature of the transaction: a straight swap, agreed on the spur of the moment while sailing, of a substantial sailing yacht for the contents of a dark workshop by some stables in the woods 25 miles or so from Hamburg. Nobody could quite believe it – me included! My wife did believe it though. And she didn’t like it. I was inspired by the possibilities, she fearful of the new uncertainty. The ensuing discussion opened more cans of worms than we could ever have hoped to close and the inevitable happened. Sometimes in life a nudge to the established order is all it takes to shake loose the veneer of normality and reveal the unstoppable momentum for change acting beneath. We find ourselves recognising what’s happening, why it’s happening and the inevitability of it happening all in the same short thought process. continue here

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SV Civetta – Vlado Porvaznik SLO

A video that came in from my friend Vlado – whom I have never met since decades – but with whom I feel to be a close friend as we are very apparently very close in our mind – since so many years…
Thanks Vlado for your thoughts and thanks for the video – from a perfect world at sea…
Peter Foerthmann

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Hinckley Picnic Boat – JetStick – Tom Serrao

BluesianaBACK TO EARTH WITH A BUMP – experiences of an owner

A blog about motorboats? Are you serious? Why would sailors want to read about stinkboats? We know what they’re like, we know we don’t like them and that, frankly, is that. But then along comes the Hinckley Picnic Boat…continue

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SV Olgalou – Inga + Vassil Beitz GER

IMG_5763Inga+Vassil married twice – aboard and ashore
Inga is a longterm cartoonist on this Windpilot Blog since years. She has illustrated quite a few pages and our friendly relationship is lasting for years – basicly since they contacted me by means of some active helming support … please read the 56 page panorama picture story

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SV Anne – Nette+Stefan Wendl GER

Thats the plan and we will see what the reality will be. With a little bit of support from various sides, they will start on 3rd of july from the City Port of Hamburg, joining The European Odyssey of Jimmy Cornell via London / Cherbourg / La Coruna and Lanzarote to the West Indies… follow their blog please

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SV Monsterpiu – Jayme Souza + Adriana Diniz Br

Jayme and Adriana from Brasil came to Germany to receive a brandnew HANSE 385 from the HANSE YARD in Greifswald. Delivery took some unexpected time so they decided to stay around Greifswald for nearly 2 months. They passed Hamburg on their way south. Jayme, a “God in White” – a surgeon – during his active working life in Brasil and Adriana Diniz, journalist and author are not under time pressure any longer, they want to stay aboard for some decades…. follow them on facebook please

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Thoughts of an insider

A couple of decades in the stern embellishment business have given me the opportunity to set foot on, or at the very least cast my eye over, the great majority of the thousands of different yacht designs produced around the world. While I have an obvious interest in – and something of an obligation to consider – the rest of the boat as well, it is the aft end of the beast that I regard as my specialist subject. CONTINUE

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SV Golya – a new design of Dick Koopmans

DSCF7304Written by Dick Koopmans:
Designing Golya was a real pleasure, A lot of designs are designed around an interior, but not with this yacht. She is in the first place a sailing yacht. There still where some challenging requirements. She must be able to sail as a shorthand ocean racer while also it must be possible to trailer her. In races like OSTAR and Round Britain, there is a minimum length of 30 ft. (9,14 m). On the road, the with is limited to 2,5 m and from keel to top 3.65 m (depending on trailer type) is the limit.
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SV Atlantis – Inge+Ernst-Friedrich Bartels GER

Happy Easter 2014

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SV Olgalou – Vassilingalou


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