SV Scoti Moria 2 – Thierry Sabouret FR

Bonjour Peter, Some news: I left France in July 2022 singlehanded, to Portugal where I stayed a few weeks to finish work on the boat, before heading to Lanzarote. I crossed the Atlantic from Lanzarote to Martinica in 21 days in December/January. Lots of winds, and a fast crossing. I would have appreciated to go a little slower, but it was still enjoyable;

The Pacific was really great. I used it during the 18 first days, but shifted to the electric pilot for the 3 last days, as there were so many sargassos weeds that the windvane rudder was lifting very often. One single issue, due to a lack of checks: I lost the bolt and nut of the transmission between the push rod and the bevel gear. Quickly fixed,and I am more careful now…
The boat is on the ground in Grenada now, and I shall go back there in November. I intend to sail to Panama and the Pacific, but the return of El Nino is bad news for spending the 2024/25 hurricane season in French Polynesia, and I shall decide later.
Best regards
Bonjour Thierry, nice to hear from you thanks a lot, also for the picts.
screw 438 is not meant as kind of shear / overload pin! Its meant just to focus / sharpen your eyes for the perfect positioning … while rudder is being fixed by tensioning of bolt 435 only. So I guess you will not need additional pins. About sargasson, sailors challange of todays days. I have designed the rudder angle at 10degree to the aft i.e. to easy cleaning from seawead and flotsam. Juts use boothook at front side of rudder … to push downstairs … that s simple procedure and effective:

Water brakes

all the best

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